Is Sydney’s Coronation Care Factor at Zero? 

On Saturday at 8 pm (Sydney time), King Charles III will be crowned in an elaborate ceremony at Westminster Abbey. 

It is the first time in 70 years that we have seen a British coronation, the last being Queen Elizabeth’s in 1953. 

Royal from around the globe, world leaders, celebrities and thousands of military officers will gather to witness the coronation of Charles and the Queen Consort, Camilla

So what’s Sydney doing to mark the occasion? Are we baking Coronation quiches? Gathering for Street parties? Do Sydneysiders even care about what’s happening? 

In this episode of This Arvo In Sydney, LiSTNR journalist Madeline Palmer gave us the lowdown on what to expect on Saturday night. 

The interest among Sydneysiders does seem pretty low at the moment; there was a huge occasion 70 years ago. It was declared a public holiday, and people were encouraged to get into a church and pray for the new Monarch,”

Palmer said. 

She said Sydney residents packed churches for special services, and a fireworks show lit up the Harbour at night with 500,000 people in attendance. 

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However, there will be only a few buildings lit up in purple around Sydney, which has been organised by the Federal Government. 

There will also be other community events around Sydney, but no significant events planned by the State Government. 

The coronation will include something we’ve never seen before, asking people watching around the world to declare their allegiance to King Charles and the Crown,”

she said.

When the Archbishop of Canterbury proclaims God save the King, the suggested response for all present and indeed around the world should be a quote, God save King Charles. Long live King Charles. May the king live forever.” 

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