Inside youth vape addiction: a 19-year-old’s story

The Australian government set to prohibit the importation of non-prescription vaping products, including those without nicotine, as part of sweeping reforms announced recently. 

These changes involve introducing minimum quality standards, restricting flavors and ingredients, implementing pharmaceutical-like packaging for vape products, and reducing allowed nicotine concentrations and volumes

Additionally, the reforms aim to simplify access to prescriptions for smokers looking to quit, enabling all general practitioners to provide prescriptions without the need for a separate application process.

But a new survey of 2500 young people aged 14-25  has found 50% had tried vaping with 1 in 6 vaping daily.

Today on The Briefing, Tom Tilley is joined by Joy, who started vaping at 16 and medical psychologist Professor Claire Wakefield.

“So stupid, I know. But I was just really chasing that head high. And then it just like came to a point where I was addicted to it. Regardless of how I was making me feel, I can’t put the vape down. And yeah, I was also in denial that I was addicted. “

She says it’s important teenagers can access information about the risks and dangers of vaping before they become addicted.

“I was…trying to research the side effects and I couldn’t see any information at that time. So like, okay, it’s good. I’m good to go. But yeah, I was obviously wrong. So I feel like having a lot of information other people have access so they can make like an informed decision is like, you know, that’s in the right direction.” 

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