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How Morocco Is Dealing With Its Biggest Earthquake In 120 Years

At least 2,012 people have died with at least 2000 more injured in the most powerful earthquake Morocco has suffered in 120 years. The 6.8 magnitude quake hit Morocco late on Friday local time, with entire villages levelled. Now the race is on to try and recover survivors from the rubble.

On today’s episode of The Briefing, Oumaima Azzelzouli, a journalist at the Moroccan National Radio currently in Morocco’s capital of Rabat joins us to talk about what’s happening on the ground. She too felt the earthquake.

Those specific areas that have been the hardest hit is that they are villages that are located in those hills of the mountains. They are a little bit secluded, which hinders the on the ground relief and rescue efforts because it’s really hard to access.

Moroccan authorities are still surveying the damage. It’s too early to really have a full picture of the extent of the disaster above.

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