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How Melbourne Robbed Sydney Of Most Liveable City

Sydney has rocketed up the newly published world’s most liveable city list, ranking number four behind Vienna, Copenhagen and Melbourne.

The list was compiled by the British-based news site The Economist, which ranks the world’s great cities based on stability, safety and health care, infrastructure, education, culture and environment.

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On today’s episode of This Arvo In Sydney, we talked to Dr Jo Kuys, Course Director at Swinburne’s Smart Cities Research Institute, to find out how Sydney’s city ranking went from 13th last year to fourth this year.

Dr Kuys said many different aspects were involved when deciding the most liveable cities.

The main things will be the infrastructure, healthcare, which comes to the safety of our community, is living in that particular city. Also, education is very important because it shapes the community itself, then the economy and cultural aspect,”

Dr Kyus said.

She believed that the post-Covid environment change also played an essential role in shaping the lifestyle in Sydney.

Compared to other cities in the world, we have a great transport network. However, we can do much better, and if that is sorted, Sydney does have a high chance of climbing up the ladder above Melbourne.”

she said.

Dr Kyus said Sydney was an “incredibly expensive city” under the hit of cost-of-living and housing. 

We like to complain about everything from the traffic, and the big one at the moment is affordability, which is a genuine concern.”

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