How Andreas Lundin Survived Alone Australia And What Possum Tastes Like

Alone has been dubbed the most successful original commission in SBS history.

The series is a reality show like never before, where 10 people get dropped into a remote environment completely alone to see who can survive for the longest.

Andreas Lundin, a former model, personal trainer and hunter, was part of Australia’s season two.

Listen now:

In this chat with Tom Tilley, Andreas explains the strategy he used for survival and what possum tastes like.

Yep, possum. Desperate times calls for desperate measures in the middle of no where. And what does it taste like?

“Fantastic!” Andreas said.

“What would you comapre it to, what kind of meat?” Tom asked

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“Telling you, tastebuds would be slightly different and there wasn’t salt and pepper and all those things out there,” Andreas said.

“I remember the first try I had, [it was the] a mallard effect of cooking, the browning of the meat.

“It tasted real salty because there’s sodium in meat and then there’s the change of the browning colour, gives you flavour.

“I remember it tasting very delicious, like it was good enough that I would eat it today if I had option.”

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