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High Bushfire Risk Sparks Concern In Sydney

Many agencies have confirmed an El Nino event this year, posing a higher risk of bushfires in the upcoming summer.

This weather phenomenon, characterised by reduced rainfall, warmer temperatures, and increased fire danger, has the potential to fuel bushfires across the region.

The Rural Fire Service has a tough challenge ahead as they won’t be able to finish all hazard reduction burns, leaving some Sydney homes at risk. 

How much danger are we facing right now? 

On today’s episode of This Arvo in Sydney, we talked to Ben Shepherd, NSW Rural Fire Service, and Sarah McMahon, Mayor of Hawkesbury, to find out what solutions can be taken to lower the risks.

Mr Shepherd said the state is not facing the same severe drought as in 2019-2020.

We will be racing against the time before we see the onset of these hot, dry conditions to get as much as we can,”

he said.

The Hawkesbury region, which suffered greatly during the previous bushfire season, focuses on building resilience. 

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The Hawkesbury City Council is working with the Federal Government and service providers to build more communication towers in case residents get cut off from contacting emergency services.

We had burnt leaves and embers dropping from the sky for days. I’ve never witnessed that kind of thing before, and I think it has left a scar on people,”

Ms McMahon said.

With the threat of an El Nino event looming, officials urge residents to prepare early by trimming overhanging branches, clearing gutters, and discussing evacuation plans. 

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