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Haneda Airport Collision: Transcript Reveals Concerns Over Lack Of Clear Approval 

In a tragic incident at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, a transcript of communication between air traffic control and two aircraft involved in a fiery collision has raised concerns about a potential lack of clear approval for the smaller Coast Guard plane. 

The collision occurred during a landing and take-off sequence, causing a devastating blaze and multiple casualties.

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The transcript, released by Japan’s Transport Ministry, spans about four minutes and 25 seconds leading up to the collision. 

It suggests that explicit take-off approval was not given to the Coast Guard plane, which was ultimately destroyed in the crash.

The larger Japan Airlines (JAL) flight, identified as JAL516, received permission to land on Runway 34R. 

The JAL pilot acknowledged the clearance, indicating a routine landing. However, the Coast Guard plane (JA722A) received instructions to taxi to holding point C5 and acknowledged the directive. 

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The communication ended with a subsequent three-second pause presumed to indicate the moment of collision.

While JAL executives assert that the Airbus A350 received proper clearance and was making a routine landing, reports suggest a difference in understanding between the two aircraft. 

According to several media, including Kyodo and the Nikkei business newspaper, Tokyo police are investigating whether possible professional negligence led to deaths and injuries.

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