Got A Shit Rental? Find Out The New Way You Can Call It Out

Jordie van den Berg AKA Purple Pingers is back and this time he has a new website dedicated to calling out shit rentals around Australia and dodgy landlords.

Launched last week, is a place where people can submit candid reviews of rentals whether they are a current tenant, a previous tenant or even someone just inspecting.

Jordie reviews the submissions daily, manually uploading them to the register each night. While he says there’s a legal risk in what he is doing, he says the “risks are far less than the benefits for tenants in the long run.”

Jordie, has been sticking up for renters, posting funny, satire TikTok videos talking about dodgy landlords and nightmare property stories. But there is a serious side to it. This year in particular, landlords and real estate agents are taking advantage of the increased demand and short supply dominating Australia’s rental market, listing homes in horrifying conditions at exorbitant prices.

On today’s episode of The Briefing, Jordie joins Tom Tilley to discuss the way he is taking his online activism to this new level.

There’s well over a thousand reviews. In total, I just haven’t reviewed them all because it’s a manual process of me reviewing them. But you know, we’ve just added features. You can now review places and agencies in New Zealand. You can upload photos and stuff if you want to.

Like this shouldn’t exist, this is stupid that this has to exist. This is the real estate agency peak bodies job. They should be the ones calling out their bad agents, it’s their job to call out bad agents. I shouldn’t have to do that.

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