Misinformaton and disinformation about the Israel-Gaza war has surged online. Source: BBC.

Fact Or Fiction: The Fake Israel-Gaza War Posts Going Viral Online

Social media is being flooded with false images, videos and memes about the Israel-Gaza conflict making it harder to decipher what is real and what is not.

With a number of recent layoffs at Meta (Facebook), Instagram and WhatsApp, plus a change in the verification process at X, formerly Twitter, it’s become easier for misinformation and disinformation to proliferate and shape global opinion in a dangerous way.

Eric Effron, Editorial Director at News Guard is on today’s episode of The Briefing, joining Katrina Blowers for a deep dive on how to spot false content online and ways to avoid it.

If you see something that looks really crazy and out there and you haven’t seen it in any other source, that’s a sign, not necessarily that it’s not true, but it’s a sign that you should probably be a little sceptical and do some Googling around and make sure that that claim hasn’t already been debunked.