Does Your Makeup Contain Harmful “Forever Chemicals”?

Earlier this year, The Briefing took six well-known cosmetics to an independent laboratory for testing; and what we found?

Two of the brands contained the harmful chemicals, PFAS, which are dangerous synthetic “forever chemicals”.

PFAS, which stands for per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, are found in anything from non-stick frying pans to carpets and couches.

Listen to the special report here:

In this special report by The Briefing, investigative editor at LiSTNR Clair Weaver takes us through the laboratory findings – all discovered after she followed a hunch.

Weaver said there were two reasons why we should care about PFAS.

“Firstly, they’re linked to a range of human health problems, including some cancers, thyroid disease, elevated cholesterol, weakened immunity, and infertility,” she said.

“Secondly, they’re very bad for the environment because they just don’t break down. They can get into our water, soil, and food supply, and they’re toxic to some animals.”

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After dropping off the cosmetics at the lab on Sydney’s North Shore, Weaver received the results in her inbox just a week later.

“I literally bought those products and dropped them off and took a week for testing and then ping, the results arrived in my inbox,” she said.

“The two products that came back positive were Natio’s Define eye pencil and Revolution’s Forever Flawless Dynamic Eternal eyeshadow palette.”

To hear more about Weaver’s findings and why we should be concerned about PFAS, listen to the episode of The Briefing.

UPDATE: Since this episode went to air, Natio says it has reformulated its Define Eye Pencil to ensure it is PFAS-free. Natio claims its own testing found lower levels of PFAS in the original product.

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