“Disbelief And Shock”: Arrested For Protesting Interest Rates 

One night last month, Kuehlmann was woken up by officers who ‘barged into the house’ dragging her to a police station, where she was charged with a trespass offence.  

Her crime? Protesting the Reserve Bank. 

It was earlier that day when Cherish with several students gathered outside of major banks in Sydney’s Martin Place in protest of soaring rents in student housing and bank profits. 

Naturally, Kuehlmann was in “disbelief and shock” when the police showed up at her door six hours later.

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The peep hole on my door is covered, I can’t see who it is, but you can guess by the loud bang. I open the door, and they say, ‘you are under arrest for trespassing’,”

Kuehlmann said. 

Take a listen to Cherish’s sobering cautionary tale

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