Death Of A 17-Month-Old Baby Declared Major Crime

The tragic death of a baby called Ronan on June 9, 2023, has been classified as a Major Crime murder case.

The 17-month-old baby was unconscious and in a critical condition when he was taken to Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital at about 6pm on June 7.

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Police said the baby had sustained head injuries and other injuries that were not “survivable” and died two days later.

Detective Inspector Mark McEachern said police believed the injuries were caused by an assault that occurred sometime in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 7.

“In the two days before Ronan was taken to hospital, he was being cared for by friends known to his parents, at an address in Ferguson Street, Glenelg North,” Detective Inspector McEachern said.

“When he was returned to his father’s house at Ottoway at 4pm on Wednesday, he was unable to be roused, and an ambulance was called,” he said.

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“There was a short moment in time before the father realised he was unable to rouse Ronan from what he thought was him (being) asleep,” he added.

Police said the father then contacted the South Australian Ambulance Service.

Following discussions with the individuals responsible for caring for Ronan at the Glenelg North unit, the police expressed dissatisfaction with the provided explanation regarding the child’s injuries.

“We’re not satisfied as to the truthfulness of that explanation, and that is certainly subject to our murder investigation now.”

The baby’s death has shocked the community, with local resident Georgia Wooley telling ABC that she never expected this in this “safe and quiet neighbourhood”.

Police have urged information from anyone who may have seen Ronan in the lead-up to his death.

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