You're The Voice
Screenshot from the You're the Voice Referendum Ad John Farnham. Source: Uluru Statement From The Heart.

Can John Farnham’s You’re The Voice Supercharge The Yes Vote For A Voice To Parliament?

Australian legend John Farnham is lending his voice to the “Yes” Campaign. He’s given The Uluru Dialogue, the organisation dedicated to advancing the Uluru Statement, permission to use the song in a new campaign film.

The song is paired with iconic moments in Australian history and it’s a bit of a tearjerker. So far, it’s proven to be a powerful collaboration, racking up over a million views on Instagram alone. But will it be enough to swing sentiment, when polls are increasingly predicting a “No” vote?

Check it out here:

In this episode of The Briefing Podcast Tom Tilley speaks with Double J presenter Zan Rowe and Political Campaign Analyst Dee Madigan about its significance. 

There’s an accusation that this is divisive and what its showing is that actually when Australians come together on an issue or an event, whether it be marriage equality or the America’s Cup or you know, whatever, there’s actually a really positive feeling that we all enjoy and I think that’s what this is tapping into.

It’s reminding us of the good things in Australia when we come together on things.

Dee Madigan

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