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Accused Sexual Offenders To Be Named Under New Laws In QLD

Accused sex offenders and rapists will no longer have their identities protected as new laws are introduced in Queensland from today. 

The new laws were officially actioned at midnight on Tuesday October 3 which will now enable media to report on the names of accused sexual offenders prior to the suspect standing trial. 

The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 1978 originally prohibited media from reporting the names of people accused of sexual offences which includes rape, assault with intent to commit rape, sexual assault and attempt to commit rape. 

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Prior to the recent changes, the identity of an accused sexual offender could not be revealed until they faced trial however, under the new law the identity of the accused can be published before they stand trial. 

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This puts accused sexual offenders in line with those accused of other crimes meaning their identity can be revealed prior to trial and verdict. 

While accused offenders are no longer protected by anonymity, they can still apply for a non-publication order which if granted will prevent the media from revealing their identity. 

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