The Screaming Jets Cover Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'

The Screaming Jets Cover Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’

As Taylor Swift’s Australian leg of her Era’s Tour captures hearts across the nation, Triple M takes a unique step to celebrate the pop icon’s influence on music. In an unprecedented move, the station brings together the grit of Australian rock with the polished tunes of Taylor Swift. With the launch of Triple M’s Versions, listeners are treated to a series of never-before-heard covers by some of Australia’s most revered rock artists, including Paul Kelly, The Screaming Jets, Ian Moss, Sarah McLeod, Diesel, British India Birds of Tokyo, and Joe Camilleri.

The Screaming Jets are one of Australia’s most beloved rock bands, and with the tongue and cheek of Triple M’s own Dave Gleeson behind the mic; we knew their take on Swift’s catchy anthem, ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.’ would be golden. What the band produced is a testament to the project’s mission: to meld the raw energy of Aussie rock with the catchy hooks of Taylor Swift’s pop masterpieces.

Celebrating Taylor Swift with a Rock Twist

The Screaming Jets are known for their powerful performances and rock anthems, making them a perfect fit for Triple M’s Versions campaign. Their rendition of ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ transforms the pop hit into a rock powerhouse, complete with electric guitars, pounding drums, and the band’s distinctive vocal style. This cover not only pays homage to Swift’s songwriting prowess but also showcases the versatility and creativity of Australian rock musicians.

A Stellar Lineup of Aussie Rock Legends

Joining The Screaming Jets in the Triple M Versions lineup are some of Australia’s most respected artists, including Paul Kelly, Ian Moss, Sarah McLeod, Diesel, British India Birds of Tokyo, and Joe Camilleri. Each artist brings their unique perspective to Swift’s songs, highlighting the depth and complexity of her music. As Swift fever sweeps the nation, Triple M’s Versions offers fans a new way to experience her chart-topping hits, proving that great storytelling transcends genre boundaries. Demonstrating that beneath the pop production and catchy melodies, Swift’s songs contain narratives that resonate with listeners across the musical spectrum.

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Bridging Musical Worlds

At Triple M, we’ve never been known to play Taylor Swift, but her global influence cannot be ignored. The collaboration between Australian rock legends and Swift’s iconic tunes is a testament to the universal appeal of her music. Through Triple M’s Versions, we aim to bridge the gap between the biggest pop star on the planet and the beloved rock legends that have shaped the Australian music scene for decades.

Stay tuned to Triple M’s YouTube channel and social platforms for more exclusive content from the Triple M Versions. Don’t miss this unprecedented musical journey, where pop’s reigning queen meets Australia’s rock elite.

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