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The Truth Around Those Rumour P!nk Is Moving To Australia

There is nothing we want more than our honorary Aussie P!nk to give up Hollywood and permanently move to Australia. Well, maybe tickets to her Summer Carnival Tour would be a nice bonus.

The story circulating today is that her P!nkness is set to do just that, and she did mention in an interview with 60 Minutes back in Feb that she and her hubby Carey have seriously considered applying for citizenship.

Can you imagine!?

These new reports are coming via New Idea who say a source is claiming P!nk and her fam are looking at making the move more permanent once she tours here. Apparently she’s even started looking for a property in NSW, somewhere big enough for a dirt bike track! We’d just like to say we are MORE than happy for her to move to our beautiful shores!

Have you heard about the movie P!nk is so obsessed with, she has it at the front of her house!

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