John Farnham: Finding the Voice

Finding the Voice: How The John Farnham Documentary Defied All Odds

The John Farnham documentary, “Finding the Voice,” has not only mesmerized audiences but also shattered box office records. As the highest-grossing home-grown documentary of all time and fourth most successful overall, it has taken the world by storm. However, few are aware of the challenges that nearly prevented this cinematic masterpiece from ever gracing the silver screen. In this article, we delve into the compelling tale of how the film almost missed its chance, and the heart-wrenching journey that led to its eventual success.


A Dream Born From Media Shyness

The inception of “Finding the Voice” can be traced back five years ago when Farnham’s manager, Glenn Wheatley, took the ambitious step of conceptualizing the documentary. The singer, renowned for his exceptional talent, was equally infamous for his media shyness. Nevertheless, driven by his passion for Farnham’s incredible story, Wheatley was determined to showcase the enigmatic performer’s journey to the world.

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Tragedy Strikes – A Sudden Departure

Tragedy struck the project when, shortly after recording his interviews for the documentary, Wheatley unexpectedly passed away on February 1, 2022. The news sent shockwaves through the music industry, leaving the project hanging in limbo. Wheatley had been the driving force behind the film’s production, and his sudden absence left a void that seemed insurmountable.

The Bravery of a Bereaved Spouse

Left grappling with grief, Glenn Wheatley’s wife, Gaynor, found herself faced with a difficult decision – whether to shelve the unfinished project or forge ahead in honor of her husband’s dream. Knowing the immense dedication her late husband had invested in the documentary, she resolved to overcome her sorrow and complete the film, a testament to their shared passion for storytelling.

A Journey of Healing and Tribute

For Gaynor Wheatley, completing the documentary became a journey of healing and a heartfelt tribute to her late husband’s vision. Putting her own grief aside, she dedicated herself to finishing what they had started together. Despite the overwhelming emotional turmoil, she persevered, determined to honor Glenn’s legacy by bringing “Finding the Voice” to life.

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Glenn Wheatley. Australian artist manager and entertainment industry executive. (Image: Getty)

Conducting the Unthinkable Interview

As part of the completion process, Gaynor embarked on an emotional rollercoaster, conducting a deeply painful interview with John Farnham about Glenn’s untimely demise. The wounds were still raw, and the experience proved to be far from cathartic, as one might expect. Nevertheless, Gaynor’s courage and unwavering commitment to the project brought forth an authentic and poignant perspective, showcasing the profound impact of Glenn’s life and passing on those closest to him.

A Resounding Success – “Finding the Voice”

Through perseverance, dedication, and a profound sense of purpose, Gaynor Wheatley, along with the support of the entire team, managed to complete “Finding the Voice.” The documentary stands not only as a testament to John Farnham’s remarkable journey but also as a tribute to the indomitable spirit of Glenn Wheatley, the visionary behind the project. It is a story of love, loss, and the unyielding power of passion, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide.


“Finding the Voice” stands as a remarkable example of how even in the face of adversity, true dedication and determination can turn a seemingly impossible dream into reality. The John Farnham documentary nearly succumbed to the challenges posed by tragedy, but the unwavering resolve of Glenn Wheatley’s widow, Gaynor, ensured that the film would eventually touch the hearts of millions. This unforgettable cinematic journey reminds us all that great stories deserve to be told and that true passion knows no bounds.

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