Lime Cordiale and Colin Hay
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How Lime Cordiale Got Colin Hay On Their Song About Him

Australian indie-pop band Lime Cordiale’s song ‘Colin’ is an undoubtably catchy and upbeat track that seemingly tells the story of someone stuck at a party, feeling as though they don’t belong.

“He inspired that song. It started with with Colin, with inspiration writing the song. And then we ended with him featuring on the song”

Oli Leimbach, Lime Cordiale

Oli Leimbach caught up with Triple M Homegrown and gave us some insight on how the track came together. Revealing that the song was initially inspired by Colin Hay, and eventually featured him after a chance meeting in LA.

“Loui and I are obsessed with Colin Hay. Actually his solo work after Men At Work. We discovered him on Scrubs [TV series] and then became obsessed with his acoustic songs. So beautiful”

Oli Leimbach, Lime Cordiale

Oli tells us how the band’s chance meeting with Colin Hay in LA turned into a longtime friendship.

“Someone introduced us to him, and he just invited us up for a cup of tea like straight away. Like we didn’t have a name, he wouldn’t have heard of us. And since then, whenever we go over to Los Angeles we go up to his house. He’s got this home amongst the gum trees in Malibu, and it kinda homie and he makes us coffee. It sort of resets us in that grotty city of LA.”

Oli Leimbach, Lime Cordiale.

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Hear Oli chat with Matty O on Triple M Homegrown about ‘Colin’:

“I’ve made some sense of your song!”

Colin Hay

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