Could You Have A Beyoncé Collectors’ Item?

by Cameron Adams

It’s the biggest album in the world, but Beyoncé’s Renaissance is about to sound a little different. And if you bought a physical copy, you could have yourself a collectors’ item.

US singer Kelis called out Beyoncé for sampling her hit Milkshake on the track Energy without giving her a heads up. The issue blew up so much that Beyoncé is about to release a new version of Energy with the sample – written by Pharrell Williams – removed.

And now Beyoncé’s been called out for using an ableist slur in Heated, the same word Lizzo used in Grrrls six weeks ago. Back then Lizzo quickly re-recorded that song after a tweet from Sydney writer and disability advocate Hannah Diviney went viral. Hannah said this week how she was heartbroken Beyoncé used the same word – twice – and how no one in her team flagged it as a problem.

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Here Linda Marigliano explains why it was the right decision:

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