Amy Lee of Evanescence in the Triple M Brisbane studios. 23/08/23

Amy Lee’s Deep Connection With Aussie Evanescence Fans

Amy Lee expresses her excitement for returning to play in Australia. She mentions, “It’s so good. It’s hard to sum that up in a quick, quick. It’s a radio interview.” The sensation for her is beyond words, feeling like a homecoming.


Reflecting on 20 Years Since “Fallen”

Celebrating 20 years since the release of “Fallen,” Amy Lee reflects on their journey, stating, “It’s 20 years since fallen. So there’s been a lot of like looking at everything as a whole.” The milestone has led her to see many aspects of their career coming full circle.

Embracing the Past, Present, and Future

Discussing her thoughts on returning to familiar places, Amy Lee reveals a blend of nostalgia and acknowledgment of life’s changes. “Each time we come sort of not to get all so happy, but it’s like you said, go, Wow, this is your life,” she shares, recognizing how some things have changed forever, yet others have improved. Her gratitude shines through her words.

Cherishing Fans and Memorable Performances

Amy Lee’s connection with her Australian fans is profound. Recalling their performance at the Sydney Opera House, she explains, “We were doing our orchestra tour, and that was beautiful and different and challenging and so special.” The memory resonates deeply with her and reflects her unique bond with her audience.

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A Promise to Deliver the Best Rock Show

With bubbling anticipation, Amy Lee assures fans that they’re in for a treat. She’s filled with excitement about their upcoming rock show, promising, “We’re really excited because it’s been a long time since we’ve come here and put on our rock show. And I feel like, you know, like anyone would always say, but for real, like we’re putting on our best show.” Her words resonate with a genuine commitment to make the upcoming performances unforgettable.

Evanescence: Celebrating 20 Years Of Fallen Australian tour art.

Listen to the Full Interview with Amy Lee and Emma Anzai of Evanescence, below:

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