AC/DC’s Anticipated Return to Australia: A Dream Deferred

This week, AC/DC enthusiasts were propelled into a state of euphoria as the band initiated a mysterious countdown on their official website. Speculation surged globally, igniting discussions about potential new music releases, an extensive world tour, or perhaps, a combination of both. The fervor reached its peak as fans eagerly awaited an official announcement from the legendary rock group.

AC/DC Confirms: The ‘Power Up’ Tour is Set to Electrify Europe

The suspense was finally lifted when AC/DC announced their return to the touring scene with the ‘Power Up’ European Tour. Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Stevie Young, and Matt Laug, accompanied by Chris Chaney stepping in for Cliff Williams, are ready to set the stage ablaze. The tour promises an electrifying experience across 10 countries with a total of 21 shows, celebrating the band’s rich legacy and chart-topping hits.

A Divisive Line-Up: Fans React to the New Formation

The announcement, however, has sparked mixed reactions among fans. The absence of bassist Cliff Williams, who remains retired despite his appearance at last year’s Power Trip show, and drummer Phil Rudd, hindered by legal issues, has left some fans longing for the original ensemble. Nonetheless, the inclusion of former Jane’s Addiction bassist Chris Chaney and drummer Matt Laug in the 2024 lineup has also generated excitement and curiosity about the band’s evolving sound.

Australian Fans Left in Suspense: An Awaited Homecoming

While European fans rejoice, Australian devotees are left to speculate on when AC/DC will grace their homeland. Insiders at Triple M hint at eventual Australian dates, but official confirmations remain a few months away. The anticipation for AC/DC to perform on Australian soil is palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting the chance to experience the band’s iconic tracks live.

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The Hits Will Play On: Angus Young’s Promise to Fans

In an exclusive with the Behind The Hits podcast, Angus Young assures fans that the setlist will include all-time favorites, emphasizing the importance of meeting audience expectations. Recalling his own experiences as a fan, Young highlights the joy of hearing beloved tracks live, promising that AC/DC’s performances will cater to the crowd’s desires, ensuring a nostalgic and electrifying experience.

“You want to play what people expect of you. When I was young and I’d go and see someone, I wanted to hear what I knew and what were my favourite tracks. I suppose it’s the same for us. If I went to see something like the Stones I want to hear the Jumping Jack Flashes and the hits! So I’ve always viewed it as that”.

Angus Young, tells ‘Behind The Hits’

TLDR: The Waiting Game Continues

As we bide our time for further news on the Australian leg of what promises to be a monumental world tour, fans can delve into the rich history of AC/DC through the Behind The Hits podcast, including insights into the life of Bon Scott and the truth behind the making of ‘Back In Black.’ The anticipation for AC/DC’s return to Australia continues to build, promising an unforgettable experience for rock enthusiasts nationwide. Stay tuned for updates, and prepare to be thunderstruck by the sheer power of AC/DC live in concert.

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