Tiff Hall with Daughter Vada

Tiff Hall’s ‘Mum Gut’ Told Her Something Was Wrong With Her Daughter. She Was Right.

When renowned fitness instructor, podcaster, author and Bounce Forward creator, Tiffiny Hall, noticed her daughter, Vada, had a flat spot on her head she was initially advised not to worry.

“They were like, ‘Oh, it’s fine. She’ll grow into her head.’

However, Tiff’s “Mum gut” urged her to investigate further, leading her to discover a condition called plagiocephaly, characterized by the asymmetrical flattening of the head which can be treated with helmet therapy.

Even though Tiff would often share pictures of the helmet, leading to an array of unwanted questions from the public.

“They ask odd questions…like what’s wrong with your daughter? Or why aren’t you showing her face on social media? Is it because she’s deformed in some way?”

For the first time, Tiffiny opens up on Dr Golly and The Experts about the challenges she and husband Ed Kavalee faced while navigating this condition, shedding light on the importance of early detection and to always follow your “Mum gut”.

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