Parenting: Should We Be Posting Photos Of Our Children Online?

Image: John Legend, Kim Kardashian – Instagram

This week on SBS Insight, a group of parents-who-share, cyber security experts and children-with-opinions went to battle on whether or not parents have the right to post photos of their kids online.

In the audience was popular influencer and mum Lauren Dubois. When first approached, Lauren declined, stating on Instagram, “I knew how it would play out. I would be the villain who exploits her children online.”

She eventually changed her mind and was one of the few in the audience defending the way her kids are a part of her online profile.

Do you think parents have the right to share photos of their kids online?

Listen to Lauren talk about what it’s really like to be an influencer on Instagram in this in-depth conversation with Shevonne Hunt, host of Feed Play Love below:

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