Mandy Maysey and Dr Golly

Swearing At Strangers and Making Obscene Gestures: The Realities of Living With With Tourette Syndrome

Imagine if your child sporadically swore at strangers or made obscene gestures during family gatherings. It’s a scenario that can leave parents feeling a mixture of embarrassment, concern, and confusion. But for Mandy Maysey, a devoted mother of three children with Tourette Syndrome, (Conor, Void and Tryxx) this is a reality she faces daily.

“We can’t eat together as a family because food flies… somebody will stick their hand in somebody else’s dinner and it’ll just end up on the walls.” 

As her family grew, so did her understanding of the spectrum of Tourettes presentations. She found herself at the forefront of advocating for awareness and support through her involvement with the Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia (TSAA), eventually becoming its President.

“[the] last three years as president [is] really is born of this need to just know that I’m doing absolutely everything I can to make life better for people with Tourette syndrome.”

This week, Mandy sits down with Dr Golly to explain what it’s like to live with three kids with different presentations of Tourette Syndrome and reveals the unique perspectives she’s gained through her roles as both a parent and an advocate. 

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