rendan Fevola & Nick Cody shocked, Barack Obama centred

What Just Happened During Our Interview With Barack Obama

Former US president Barack Obama joined Fifi, Fev & Nick’s Brendan Fevola and Nick Cody for an exclusive phone chat during his time in Melbourne.

However, what started as an exhilarating chat with the former president shortly turned questionable.

Hear the full Obama interview HERE:

“Is it Mr Obama or is it Mr President? Good morning” Fevola begins the interview

“The accustomed is that you’re president for life” Obama jokes

Fevola & Cody got some insight on Obama’s love for Australia, and whether he would consider another term in office.

Until, the tables started to turn.

“Fifi wanted me to ask what day it is on Saturday…”

“Daylight savings? April 2nd?”

“April 2nd?”

Nope. Saturday is April 1st. AN ELABORATE APRIL FOOLS PRANK.

Thanks to US comedian and impersonator Ryan Goldsher for helping out.

Hear from the behavioural scientist who ACTUALLY met Barack Obama at the White House.

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