“I’m Not Cool Enough To Work With Obama” The Story Of The Behavioural Scientist Who Made It To The White House

Will sharing your inner struggles hinder you, or have the power to set you free? Joining Sarah Grynberg is cognitive scientist, award-winning podcast host of ‘A Slight Change of Plans’, and former senior advisor and founder of the Obama White House Behavioural Science Team, Dr. Maya Shankar.

“Obama is so charismatic he makes you feel like you are the only person in the room”

If you are looking to get inspired and learn how to rebuild your life after an unexpected outcome arrives suddenly without warning, then this wisdom-filled discussion and Maya’s compelling story of triumph over loss will no doubt help you find the beauty that exists in yourself and the world around you, but will also help you understand the meaning of courage: and turn it into your own personal power.

Listen to this profound discussion below.