Matildas win, crowd, teammates, Bruce McAvaney

“We’ve Got A Team That Can Go All The Way” Bruce McAvaney On The Matildas Win

Bruce McAvaney boasts the Matildas and the atmosphere of women’s sport on Bec & Soda, following a massive win against Denmark on Monday night.

Bruce McAvaney On Matildas And Women’s Sport:

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The Matildas won 2-nil against Denmark, securing them a position in the quarter-finals, showing incredible compassion to their teammates.

Bruce believes that the Matildas have the potential to make it to the grand final, stating “why not us?”

“I don’t think there’s a team overwhelmingly better than anyone else,” Bruce said.

He also states that the atmosphere of the Women’s World Cup has a “friendliness and a joy” not seen in male dominated sports.

“They’ve played 4 matches this team and every one of them has felt like a grand final.”

Australia are set to face France or Morocco in Brisbane in the quarter-finals.

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