hobby horse champion Alisa Aarniomaki

Inside the World of Hobby Horsing With World Champion Alisa Aarniomaki

Have you ever heard of ‘Hobby Horse Racing’? Well, Stav, Abby & Matt interviewed Hobby Horse Champion Alisa Aarniomaki to find more about the crazy world of this sport.

Alisa spoke to the guys about how she started, her injuries and her response to people finding it weird.

Have a listen below!

“With Hobby Horsing as it is now days, there is a goal, there are real competitions, official championships and everything!” Alisa revealed when speaking about her time in the sport.

When it comes to how many people are doing it “…especially in Europe there are a lot of active communities and organisations revolving around Hobby Horsing making it more visible” she continued.

Will we see the guys pick this up as a sport maybe?

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