Bec and Soda in shock with text that says "secrets of the suburbs" over top

Spill The Tea! EVERY Secret Of The Suburb SO FAR!

If you’re reading this, you probably love a cheeky goss sesh. Well we’re about to SPILL. THE. TEA on all of the most deepest, untold secrets of Adelaide. Ready for a binge??

Bec & Soda’s Secrets Of The Suburbs is unbelievably true…and 100% anonymous.

The Shocking 5-Year Affair That’s Too Close Too Home…

ANONYMOUS reveals she has been having an affair with her ex-housemate’s now fiancee for 5 years…right under her nose. But the story gets worse…find out the shocking twist on Bec & Soda.

The Boyfriend Went On An Overseas Trip & Came Back MARRIED To Someone Else!

Imagine living with someone for 2 years in a loving relationship only to discover they got married to someone else on a trip overseas…!

Sacked Because She Knew The TRUTH About Boss’ Affair

This ANONYMOUS personal assistant believes she was sacked because she knew the truth about her boss!

My Husband Doesn’t Know He Has Another Sibling

Imagine growing up as an only child and never having a brother or sister…or so you thought. We find out from ANONYMOUS that she discovered a secret sibling her husband has no idea about.

For 20 Years I Kept My “Night” Job A Secret

ANONYMOUS reveals a secret job she hid from her parents for 20 years…they thought she was working in a call centre, but in fact it was a brothel!

No One Knew WHAT Was In The Coffin

ANONYMOUS reveals only THEY knew what went awry at Grandma’s funeral and it had something to do with the coffin. WHAT or WHO was in there??

I Got Mum’s Flirty Text Meant For Another Man

ANONYMOUS finds themselves entangled in a delicate balance between keeping the truth hidden from their father and respecting their mother’s plea for discretion. They received a flirty message from their mother…meant for another man!

The Shock DNA Test Reveals Woman’s REAL Father

ANONYMOUS shares a secret on Bec & Soda that only one other person knows…you won’t believe what the results of the DNA test reveals!

The ULTIMATE Dog Food Prank

For almost 7 years ANONYMOUS has kept this secret from his mate…he will never know that he was the subject of the ultimate dog food prank 🐶 

1.3 million people live in Adelaide, each harbouring at least one untold secret—are you tempted to share yours for the chance to win $5,000?

ENTER NOW: Secrets Of The Suburb

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