Pete Curulli reacts to photos from his Hot Dad photoshoot.

Pete’s “Hot Dad Pics” Reaction Live On-Air… Priceless

It’s now famous that yesterday, our Pete Curulli got down and not so dirty (considering there was so many cleaning implements in the room) for his wild Hot Dad photoshoot.

What was secret was that we didn’t show him the pics until he was live, on-air, this morning. And what can we say? Priceless.


“How you’ve managed to stay on that side of the desk for the last three years, I have no idea,

“Look at that specimen. Look at that bloke,

“Speaking of sausage, I will say, where that oil’s dripped down to, that’s an interesting shot.”

No idea what you’re talking about Pete.

Of course, this all came from this moment last week on the show.


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