Lyndall from MAFS: "That 'Stay In Your Lane' Comment, Chef's Kiss"

Lyndall from MAFS: “That ‘Stay In Your Lane’ Comment, Chef’s Kiss”

With the “commitment” part of MAFS over for another year, we got Lyndall on the show to congratulate her on the way she handled the situation with Cam.

Pete in particular, was very impressed with the “stay in your lane” analogy. And he made sure to let Lyndall know about that.


Lyndall took time to break down just how much of a relief it was to get that over with.

“It was so empowering to watch, and it felt so empowering at the time as well, so I feel like now, okay cool, let’s start healing.”

Of course. We did what you do in radio, and asked for epic break up stories. How about this cracker.


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