Melbourne's cancelled their commitment to the 2026 Commonwealth Games, so Matt wrote a song. Even better, it's a ripping '80s sound track.

Commonwealth Games Fiasco: Matt’s Banging Mi-Sex Tribute

He’s done it again. With the news that Melbourne has cancelled their commitment to the 2026 Commonwealth Games, Matt’s written a tune to reflect on the shock news.

In even better news, he’s chosen a ripping ’80s sound track as the backing music.


So good, we had to make a film clip.


The lyrics as follows:

Dan Andrews did the numbers
The numbers didn’t add
I know we said we’d host theses games
We have to take that back
These games are too expensive
No they don’t come for free
But can we feel good ’bout ourselves
If we’re not smashing Fiji?

The Comm… Comm… Comm… Commonwealth Games

Chris Minns said uh uh!
Roger Cook, he said no way!
And there was no gung-ho approach
From Annastacia Palaszczuk!
Is it over for the Empire?
Are the games we had now doomed?
I guess they are until
We have more hospital rooms

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