Travie McCoy on Fridayz Live

Travie McCoy: Where Have You Been For 10 Years?

Nick, Jess & Ducko chat to Fridayz Live artist Travie McCoy and he revealed, amongst other things, why it’s taken him 10 years to get back to our shores. Basically, he was done with the whole music thing and what it had become.


“I had to take a break from all this sh*t,

“It’s just not me. It’s very LA, and I’m not LA… from upstate New York, so this sh*t didn’t work for me,

“It didn’t feel right. It led to a lot of numbing, and I won’t go deep into that.”

If you take the chat the whole way to the end, you’ll also hear how he witnessed ex-girlfriend Katy Perry transform from “Christian artist to people pleaser”, and how he wanted none of that.

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