bec with daughter frankie

Mum Fail: The Real Reason Bec’s 12YO Wants To Drink Carrot Juice

Between her hot mess moments and the mum fails, we love Bec for just being real…and this one takes the (carrot) cake!

12yo daughter Frankie recently asked for ‘carrot juice’ in the latest grocery shop, but it’s not to help get extra veg in!


“I was like ‘great!’ if she’s willing to have vegetables in a juice form, that’s one less thing I have to worry about when I cook my meals for her,” Bec said.

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However, young Frankie looked sheepish when she revealed she wanted the juice…because of a Tiktok!

Apparently the beta-carotine in the carrots contribute to a healthy glow…and a natural tan!!

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