Bec and soda try hi-smile's new toothpaste and speak to a dietician about sugar free products

A Dietician Shares Why Sugar-Free Products Are Bad For Your Children

Have your children been fooled by the bright packaging of sugar-free products?

On Bec & Soda for breakfast, Bec shares how her 11-year-old daughter, Frankie was inspired on Tiktok to try Hi-Smile’s new fruit-inspired toothpaste line.

She was shocked to discover that the toothpaste is not only expensive but DISGUSTINGLY sweet! This had her worried—how much sugar is actually in the toothpaste?

Sugar-free products, YES or NO?

Bec & Soda speak with Louise from Bespoke Dieticians who says the problem is in the “habit” that sugary-like products creates for children.

“They’re all still driving that sweet tooth,” Louise said.

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