Bec and Soda Port Adelaide

Is Impartial Sport Commentator Soda SECRETLY A Port Fan?!

*Bangs gavel * In this episode of Bec & Soda court, we discover that Soda has let slip ‘we’ in reference to Port Adelaide Football Club.

Does he secretly barrack for the Power or was it just a slip of the tongue?!


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During his time on SAFM, Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom has notoriously remained impartial to the local AFL football teams, Crows and Port.

Lately, Bec has been catching a few Freudian slips where he refers to Port as ‘we’.

“HANG ON! Can you just play that slower one again,” Soda said.

“That’s a W mate, you’re back-pedalling!” Said Bec.

“Don’t resile from the fact that you wanna barrack for our team!”

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