Kirsty Bryant and family with bec & soda pictured in circle box and her standing with mother

First Uterus Transplant: Kirsty Bryant Gave Birth With Her Mother’s Womb

It’s not every day miracles happen and for Kirsty Bryant, having children again after her life-saving hysterectomy was important.

Kirsty is Australia’s first woman to receive a uterus transplant and shares with Bec & Soda the moment she asked her MOTHER for her uterus!

Kirsty Bryant’s Uterus Transplant:

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Speaking with Kirsty about her experience in this What It’s It Like To, she applied for a clinical trial with the Royal Hospital for Women and asked her mother to be the donor.

“I rang my mum, she answered straight away,” Kirsty said.

“I said hey mum, hypothetically…if you could give me your uterus, would you have a hysterectomy?”

Find out more about Kirsty’s journey now online with My Uterus Transplant Journey or below.

What’s It Like To Have A Uterus Transplant?

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