flight attendant reveals secrets in the sky

Secrets In The Sky: Flight Attendant Reveals All

An Australian flight attendant reveals the most shocking and scandalous things she’s seen while working on a plane.

Hughesy, Ed and Erin spoke with a flight attendant, who wished to remain anonymous, due to the scandals she’s seen while thousands of feet in the air.

While working as a flight attendant, she reveals she’s seen everything from strangers getting drunk mid-flight, hooking up then regretting their actions to couples trying to get in a quickie in the plane bathrooms.

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She tells Hughesy, Ed and Erin she has to keep a watch out for the younger travellers who meet each other mid-flight, get ‘friendly’ but by the time the long haul flight finally arrives at it’s destination, they’re full of regret and embarrassment.

“You see them just getting drunker and drunker and think, oh no…please don’t do it,” she says.

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“We cut them off but by that point it’s too late and you see them completely regret it by the time we land.”

She’s asked if she’s ever seen two people leave the plane bathrooms together, which she replies yes.

“I’ve caught a lot of people!”

“You’ve got to pull it up, like come on guys…stop it.”

The flight attendant also reveals the best way to flirt with a flight attendant while on a plane.

She tells Hughesy, Ed and Erin the best way to approach a flight attendant is while they’re in the galley and not while you’re in line for the toilets!

“Every flight’s an opportunity!”