What Actually Happens When We Leave Our Phones On During Flights

Ever wondered why the flight attendants ask us to turn our phones off while on a flight? Well, turns out there is a good reason but it’s not because your phone will cause the plane to crash. 

Phones are helpful, convenient and fascinating tools which are constantly evolving and can be both a blessing and curse. But have you ever wondered how these appliances that have become so commonplace, actually work? 

Every phone has a small antenna inside which sends signals out to nearby phone towers. When sending a message to a friend, these signals will travel via wires to a phone tower closest to your friend, which will happen in a matter of seconds.

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Every new generation of phone has a smaller antenna with the new 5G phones requiring more phone towers to support the smaller antennas. 

There are many myths surrounding these complicated contraptions which most of us will observe without asking too many questions. 

Cosmos science journalist Jacinta Bowler elaborates on some common myths about mobile phones including why we need to switch them off during flights and whether using your phone at a petrol station is actually dangerous.

Tune into the full episode below…