Bride crying on wedding marrying secret gay best friend

I’m Marrying My Secretly Gay Best Friend

On Secret Lives of Sydney, a listener shockingly reveals she is marrying her gay best friend.

Hughesy, Ed and Erin’s listener reveals she is engaged to her gay best friend and plans on marrying him.

When asked why, she reveals it’s because of her best friend’s strict and religious family, who don’t approve of his sexuality.

“His family would kill him,” she says.

She reveals her best friend is ‘as gay as they come’ but can fake being straight quite well.

Which is why he remains in the closet and has not told his family about his sexuality.

As to why she plans on marrying him, she reveals to Hughesy, Ed and Erin her family is also deeply religious and her chosen partner doesn’t follow the same religion as them.

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“We just want to make everyone happy.

It’s a shame that in this day and age, couples who are in love cannot be with each other in fears of hurting their family and the stigma that unfortunately still exists – despite the commitment and love two people share for one another.

But this ‘couple’, say they are enjoying their lives without the stress and opinion of everyone else.

The listener, who chooses to remain anonymous, plans to go through with the wedding, despite admitting she will get ‘cold feet’ closer to the date.

But who knows how life will be for the two best friends once they are legally bound to one another.

So, what happens when the pressure and expectation of your family prevents you from experiencing true love?