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My Boss Doesn’t Know My Baby Is His

On Hughesy, Ed and Erin’s Secret Lives of Sydney, Sophie reveals her baby’s father is actually her boss, and her partner doesn’t know!

In what has to be one of the most shocking Secret Lives of Sydney, Sophie told Hughesy, Ed and Erin her daughter doesn’t know her dad isn’t really her paternal father.

She has been keeping the secret that the father of her baby is her boss since her daughter was born.

Sophie reveals that her partner doesn’t know that his ‘daughter’ isn’t actually his as well, and she has no plans of telling him the truth.

“If I told him, I think it would break him,” Sophie says.

“That’s his little girl. She adores him.”

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Sophie’s affair with her boss was ongoing for twelve years. She’s never told her partner about the affair either, telling Hughesy, Ed and Erin the secret is eating her alive.

She also hasn’t told her former boss, who she says looks exactly like her daughter.

Sophie is in fear her daughter may do an ancestry test when she’s older and find out the shocking truth.

Or even worse, fall in love with someone who could be directly related to her – without knowing.

“It’s a nightmare.”

Since her affair with her boss, she’s remained faithful to her partner and hasn’t cheated since.

But still, the secret that the father of her baby is actually her boss hangs over her every day.