Who actually got pranked here?

Hughesy’s strange and elaborate prank on Erin Molan

Hughesy pulled a strange prank on Erin and we’re still scratching our heads.

It all started with a picture of Chris Hemsworth’s son getting a cake in his face.

Were we standing with the Hemsworth family in solidarity, or was something sillier at play!?


The worst case of workplace bullying seen in this country in a long time

Hughesy joked – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

The video was pretty clear cut.

We set up a fake birthday party, Erin pushes Hughesy’s head into the cake, side-by-side with the Hemsworth family photo and a video to accompany it.

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Simple stuff, right!?

Listen to the full audio above to hear what ACTUALLY went down.

Well, as he revealed on the show this morning, there may be more to the story!

Was Hughesy the victim to a vicious workplace prank, or was he indeed the pranker!?

It’s so convoluted it could be an M. Night Shyamalan film.

Our favourite comment from the cake prank post

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