Hughesy's got a bung finger.

Hughesy Confronts Doctor Who Said His Busted Finger Stinks

Hughesy confronts the man that ridiculed his bung finger LIVE on air this morning!

After a consultation that deeply embarrassed him, he was ready to strike!


I am not here to apologise, mate.

Dr. Darko – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Hughesy busted his finger taking off a sock around two months ago.

After little progress was made in his recovery and experiencing some pain, he went back to the physio to get it checked out.

When the splint was taken off his finger, Doctor Darko told him that his finger STUNK.

This led to Hughesy feeling terribly dejected as he had his new cast put on.

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In an interesting turn of events, he joined the show for a right of reply.

It led to one of the truly great interactions as he kicked it off with a little bit of passion.

“I’m not here to apologise, mate,” Dr. Darko said as the confrontation ensued.

Listen to the hilarious and enlightening conversation above as the pair go back and forth.

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