“They’re Scum”: Russell Crowe Slams Fifi Romance Rumours

There has been lots of speculation on the relationship status of Russell Crowe and Fifi Box, after an article was published pinning the two as a ‘couple’.

Crowe joined Fifi, Fev & Nick this morning, and dished out his thoughts on the tabloids.


“Isn’t it funny though Fifi…We’re both on other parts of the world and we’re looking at that going what the f***” says Crowe.

“That magazine is so scummy, and so full of bollocks…It blows my mind that in 2023, they still get away with publishing.”

Russell continues to explain that the same magazine that targeted Fifi and himself, has also published relationship rumours about Terri Irwin.

“I was good friends with Steve, and I’ve kept that connection to the family” says Crowe.

“But that must be torturous for her.”

Catch up on Russell Crowe Addressing Shock Fifi Box Relationship

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