‘We’re In Love’: Russell Crowe Addresses Shock Fifi Box Relationship

Hollywood star Russell Crowe responded to allegations that he and radio host Fifi Box are in a relationship.

Crowe joined Fifi, Fev & Nick to promote new film The Pope’s Exorcist when AFL star and radio host Brendan Fevola dropped the question.

Hear Russell Crowe’s response to Fifi Box relationship HERE:

“Of course!” Crowe responded cheekily, followed up with plenty of satirical cheers.

“I knew it!”

“We’ve never actually met, but that’s that trick that that stupid, piece of s*** magazine does” Crowe quickly addresses, hitting out that the tabloids creating these rumours.

“How are we going to clean up our serious problems when people are involved trying to figure out whether that s***’s real”

Well said, Rusty!

Check out the incredible donation Russell Crowe made live on-air for KickStart For Kids!

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