‘We’re In Love’: Russell Crowe Addresses Shock Fifi Box Relationship

Hollywood star Russell Crowe responded to allegations that he and radio host Fifi Box are in a relationship.

Crowe joined Fifi, Fev & Nick to promote new film The Pope’s Exorcist when AFL star and radio host Brendan Fevola dropped the question.

Hear Russell Crowe’s response to Fifi Box relationship HERE:

“Of course!” Crowe responded cheekily, followed up with plenty of satirical cheers.

“I knew it!”

“We’ve never actually met, but that’s that trick that that stupid, piece of s*** magazine does” Crowe quickly addresses, hitting out that the tabloids creating these rumours.

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“How are we going to clean up our serious problems when people are involved trying to figure out whether that s***’s real”

Well said, Rusty!

Check out the incredible donation Russell Crowe made live on-air for KickStart For Kids!

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