Fifi in studio closed eyes looking sad, with screenshot on her daughter at a recent Fiji holiday

Fifi Box Daughter’s Horror Pool Incident During Fiji Getaway

Fifi, Fev & Nick’s Fifi Box details the tragic incident involving her 4-year-old daughter Daisy during a Fiji getaway last week. Box revealed that it started with her toddler breaking out in an epic tantrum after being denied iPad privileges, when the incident occurred.

Hear the details of Fifi’s daughter HERE:

“She’s like ‘mummy, I want my iPad’ and I went ‘ah, no'” Fifi began to explain.

“She kicked off, really kicked off”

Fifi continued to reveal that Daisy’s tantrum resulted in being ignored, which is where things started to go wrong.

“I heard a scream for mummy, she was crouched on the floor by the deck”

“Suddenly, these parents have run up to her and there’s all kids around her…”

Finally, Fifi revealed what had happened. Her daughter Daisy had accidentally got her braided hair bead stuck in the pool deck!

Phew, what a relief it wasn’t anything worse and that Daisy was okay in the end!

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