Where Can We Take Babies?

Comedian Arj Barker has come under fire after he asked a mother and baby to leave his show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival over the weekend.

The woman said she was humiliated after being asked to leave while breastfeeding her baby, and Barker has responded to the criticism saying that his show was clearly advertised as “strictly age 15+”, and that the seven-month-old was disrupting the performance.

Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little addressed the debate on their national drive show, with Little even sharing that this has happened at his shows countless times:

“I think I was actually mentioned in one of the comments in the articles”

The comedian continued by saying that he’ll stop the show and address the mother, “Hey Mum, Bub, there’s no need to be embarrassed i’m just checking you’re both okay”

This did however raise the debate as to where can we actually take babies?

Hear the pair dissect it, HERE: