Brendan Fevola in studio

Brendan Fevola Responds To Potential Coaching Opportunity With Carlton

Carlton legend Brendan Fevola has spoken out about his stance on becoming a coach for Carlton Football Club following their dismal few performances throughout the 2023 AFL season.

Speaking out against Harry McKay’s recent performance on-field with his goal kicking, Fevola explains there is no chance for finals.

“You miss goals, you cost games. And Harry McKay… he’s costing Carlton footy games”

Co-host Fifi Box throws out a hypothetical offer if there was a chance Fev would be a Carlton coach.

“Why don’t you make that your thing… you go to clubs and you just teach people how to kick goals”

“I could be a coach, but I don’t want to... it doesn’t pay as well, and i get to finish at 9 o’clock (at The Fox)”

Do you reckon Brendan Fevola could make a solid coach in the AFL?

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