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Cheating Death: Brad Guy’s Miraculous Skydiving Survival Story

Bec & Soda hear a miraculous story from 32 year old Brad Guy, who survived a 15,000 ft freefall skydiving over the Yarra Valley.

Thinking, “I’ve brought my family here to watch me die,” Brad details what went through his mind before finally landing.


Brad booked a skydiving trip for his 22nd birthday, with his entire family there in the Yarra Valley to cheer him on.

Unfortunately Brad and his tandem instructor’s parachute failed to open and they began to fall at 80km per hour.

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Against all odds, they landed in a golf course lake.

Brad suffered a broken spine, torn ligaments in his neck and bruising. 

If you’re fascinated with this story, check out his book FREEFALL now.

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