Deluxe drop off with Tristan

Bec & Soda Speak To Widowed Father Simon On How His Kids Have Coped With Losing Their Mother

Today’s Deluxe Drop Off features three brave children who have recently lost their beautiful mum Holly to triple negative breast cancer.

Speaking with Bec & Soda, dad Simon shares how he and his children have been coping since her passing.

Listen to this emotional story:

As part of the Deluxe Drop Offs, Bec & Soda treated both Tristan AND Toby to a ride to school in the Zagame Lamborghini and McLaren.

“I’m just in awe at how they have adjusted.”

“They’re doing a lot better than what I am most of the time,” Simon said.

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Soda expresses his admiration for Simon’s courage adding that his “vulnerability is unbelievable”.

“I can see here now you are a great dad and I’m sure these kids are going to be guided through life with your strength and warmth,” Soda said.

The last 11 months have been hard for the family as Holly battled triple negative breast cancer and spent most of that time having treatment, surgery, was unwell and often in hospital.

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